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Sex for Saints

Nov 11, 2022

I have an exciting announcement! On December 6, I am debuting a brand new private podcast called Embracing You! In this new podcast, I will be sharing coaching sessions with women or couples who have signed up to be coached on their relationship. Because I know the power of coaching. I know that while you listen to someone else being coached, you will learn things that will help you in your life. So, in this episode, I am sharing a teaser of the new podcast, Embracing You! As you listen to this coaching session, watch for things that you can use in your relationship. 

If you’d like to subscribe to my new podcast, do so before December 6 to get the introductory price of $69 for a year. After December 6, the price will be $99 for the year. Don’t miss out on this screaming hot deal! Go to to subscribe today!