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Sex for Saints

Feb 28, 2020

Does your spouse view pornography? Do you think he is addicted?  In this week’s episode, I interview Dr. Cameron Staley, a clinical psychologist who has researched pornography addiction.  Learn what he has to say about why your spouse looks at pornography and how you can best support them.

Feb 21, 2020

Do you use lube? Not only can it be fun to use but it’s also important for safer sex! Yep, using lube can not only help things go smoother but it can help prevent irritation, tearing, and infection.  But, it’s important to find the right lube for you.  Many lubes have toxic chemicals that aren’t meant for our...

Feb 14, 2020

Are you exhausted all the time and sex is the last thing on your mind?  You are not alone.  It is a complaint I hear often from clients.  I was recently interviewed on The Doctor’s Wife Podcast with Sara Payne about this topic and the discussion was too good not to share with my listeners as well.  So I am re-airing...

Feb 7, 2020

Do you have a healthy marriage and sexual relationship? How do you know if you do or not? In this week’s episode, I am sharing the 6 Principles of Healthy Sexuality and what a healthy relationship looks like. This is a great way to see what areas you and your spouse can improve upon and strengthen.