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Sex for Saints

Apr 3, 2020

Podcast #102 is covering a few topics that will be beneficial to you right now.


I am talking about managing our brains around the stress and anxiety you might be feeling, I will be sharing more details about my “Class for Engaged Couples”  and I am still offering FREE 20 minute coaching sessions. 

The topic is “Intimacy During Isolation” and I will define exactly what intimacy is and I think  it may surprise some of you.

What are you doing to keep your intimate relationships strong and thriving when we need to be distant?

Why is this important?

How can understanding different levels of intimacy help you overcome some struggles you may be experiencing?

And what are the most common struggles with intimacy?

Join me this week or sign up for a coaching session and let’s figure it out together.

Find out more and download your FREE worksheet for this week’s podcast #102.

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