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Sex for Saints

Jul 10, 2020

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Valerie Schwalbe from Well Being Physical Therapy in Murray Utah, specializing in the pelvic floor. If you have pain during sex, pelvic pain, leaking of any type, pelvic floor strain, feeling the effects of childbirth (episiotomy, scar tissue, prolapse, discomfort) or help with athletic performance - this podcast is for you. I think this covers just about everyone. You will learn what your pelvic floor supports and why it is just as critical to have therapy for the pelvic muscles as much as you would need therapy for a knee after surgery, She and I also tap into some of the reasons for sexual pain - the physical as well as emotional. Her treatment aligns heart and mind with the body. What you are experiencing may be common - all your friends may have the same problem - but that doesn’t mean it is normal. If you are in the Utah area, Valerie is seeing patients at Well Being Physical Therapy. Or you can go to to find a pelvic floor specialist in your area.