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Sex for Saints

Jul 15, 2022

In this podcast episode, I talk with Andrea Giles. Andrea helps women heal from infidelity in her coaching program. We talked about how to build trust with yourself again after finding out you’ve been lied to. We talked about how to decide if you should stay or go in your marriage. This is an impactful conversation that I know will help so many of you.

Andrea Giles is a Certified Life Coach who is dedicated to helping women use the trial of marital infidelity to change their lives for the better. She is host of the podcast, “Heal from Infidelity” and  encourages listeners from all over the globe to get up from off the floor and get moving toward the life they most desire.  

She coaches from personal experience and is driven to show her clients that infidelity can be a springboard for massive internal growth and a marriage of peace and joy. 

When Andrea's not coaching, you'll find her enjoying the simple things in life. She loves to read, kayak on the river in her backyard in Montana, play games with her husband and kids, and snuggle her three grandchildren. Andrea is now married to a widower, and they have 12 children between them. Her journey from "there" to here is an inspiring one. She has created powerful healing for herself and wants the same for her clients.

You can find Andrea at:

Her website -

Instagram - @andrea.giles.coaching

Facebook - Andrea Giles Coaching