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Sex for Saints

Jul 26, 2019

Does your spouse have a hard time opening up to you?  Or maybe you feel anxious about the state of your relationship?   Both of these come from our attachment style and feeling emotionally safe in our relationship.  How can you feel emotionally safe in your relationship?  How can you try to help your spouse feel...

Jul 19, 2019

Each of us has different ways of expressing love to those around us.  And when someone is showing us they love us in a certain way, we need to let them do it in the way that works best for them, which is not necessarily the way we would like to receive it.  So how do you become a good receiver of love?  That’s what we...

Jul 12, 2019

Chances are, your sex life isn’t what you thought it would be.  Whether it’s not as pleasurable, you just can’t seem to find the desire, or you and your spouse just don’t see eye to eye, it’s time to start figuring it out.  Find out how you can make sex better for you on this week’s episode.

Jul 5, 2019


Do you wish your spouse was more helpful around the house? More loving? More affectionate?  Maybe you want them to help with the kids more, or cuddle or flirt more?  Why do we always want more than what we have? What happens when we get it? Find out on this week’s...